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Leon, Léon (French) or León (Spanish) may refer to:




    • León, Spain, capital city of the Province of León
    • Province of León, Spain
    • Kingdom of León, an independent state in the Iberian Peninsula from 910 to 1230 and again from 1296 to 1301
    • León (historical region), composed of the Spanish provinces León, Salamanca, and Zamora
    • Viscounty of Léon, a feudal state in France during the 11th to 13th centuries
    • Léon, Landes, a commune in France
    • Isla de León, a Spanish island
    • Leon (Souda Bay), an islet in Souda Bay, Chania, on the island of Crete

    North America

    • León, Guanajuato, large city in Mexico, population 1.7 million
    • Leon, Iowa, United States
    • Leon, Kansas, United States
    • Leon, New York, United States
    • Leon, Oklahoma, United States
    • Leon, West Virginia, United States
    • León Department, Nicaragua
    • León, Nicaragua, capital city of the León Department
    • New Kingdom of León, a territory of Spain (1582-1821) in Mexico, roughly corresponding in area to modern Nuevo León
    • Nuevo León (New Leon), a state in northeastern Mexico
    • Leon County (disambiguation)
    • Leon Township (disambiguation)


    • Leon, Togo
    • Leon, Iloilo, Philippines


    • Leon (given name), people whose first name is Leon
    • Leon Robinson (born 1962), African-American actor usually credited just as Leon
    • Leon of Pella (fl. 330s BCE), Macedonian historian and theologian in Egypt during Alexander the Great's visit
    • Leon Trotsky, Russian Marxist revolutionary and theorist
    • Leon (singer), German performer in the 1996 Eurovision Song Contest
    • Leon (surname)
    • Leon (wrestler), (born 1980), Japanese professional wrestler
    • Leon Chua, a Chinese-American scientist and professor at the University of California, Berkeley
    • Frère León (1871-1955), Franco-Cuban botanist, born Joseph Sylvestre Sauget, known by the botanical author abbreviation León

    Video games

    • Leon (Dead or Alive)
    • Leon S. Kennedy, a Resident Evil character
    • Leon Magnus, a Tales of Destiny character
    • Squall Leonhart, aka Leon, a Final Fantasy character
    • Leon, a Battle Arena Toshinden character
    • Leon, a F-Zero character
    • Leon Powalski, a Star Fox character
    • Leon D. Geeste, a Star Ocean 2 character

    Other media

    • Léon: The Professional, a 1994 thriller film directed by Luc Besson
    • Leone "Léon" Montana, the titular protagonist of Léon: The Professional
    • Léon, a young male cyclops created by Annie Groovie
    • Leon (Squirrel Boy)
    • Leon Elliott a Black Cat character
    • Leon Karp, a Roseanne character
    • Leon Kowalski, a Blade Runner character
    • Leon, a character on The Andy Griffith Show
    • Leon, a character on Trinity Blood
    • Leon (TV series), an animated TV series for children

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