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Queen Elizabeth, Queen Elisabeth, or Elizabeth the Queen may refer to:


        Queens regnant

        • Elizabeth I of England (1533–1603), last Tudor monarch over England, reigned 1558–1603
        • Elizabeth II (born 1926) of the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth Realms, reigning since 1952

        Queens consort


        • Elisabeth of Bavaria (1876–1965), queen consort, queen dowager and queen mother of the Belgians

        Bohemia, Hungary and Poland

        • Elizabeth the Cuman (1239/1240-1290), queen consort and regent of Hungary
        • Elizabeth of Sicily, Queen of Hungary (1261–1303), queen consort of Hungary
        • Elisabeth of Bohemia (1292–1330), queen consort of Bohemia
        • Elisabeth Richeza of Poland (1286–1335), queen consort of Bohemia and Poland
        • Elizabeth of Poland, Queen of Hungary (1305–1380), queen consort of Hungary, regent of Poland
        • Elizabeth of Bosnia (1340–1387), queen consort and queen dowager of Hungary and Poland, queen mother of Hungary
        • Elizabeth Granowska (c. 1372 – 1420), queen consort of Poland
        • Elisabeth of Habsburg (1436–1505), queen consort, queen dowager and queen mother of Poland
        • Elizabeth of Austria (1526–1545), queen consort of Poland
        • Elizabeth Stuart, Queen of Bohemia (1596–1662), the "Winter Queen", briefly queen consort of Bohemia, wife of Frederick V, Elector Palatine
        • Elisabeth of Bavaria (1837–1898), queen consort of Hungary, Croatia, and Bohemia


        • Elizabeth of Holstein-Rendsburg (c. 1300-before 1340), junior queen consort of Denmark, wife of Eric Christoffersen


        • Isabeau of Bavaria (c. 1370 – 1435), also known as Elisabeth of Bavaria-Ingolstadt, queen consort of France
        • Elisabeth of Austria, Queen of France (1554–1592), queen consort of France


        • Elisabeth of Bavaria, Queen of Germany (c. 1227 – 1273), queen consort of Germany, Jerusalem and Sicily
        • Elizabeth of Carinthia, Queen of Germany (c. 1262 – 1312), queen consort of Germany
        • Elizabeth of Pomerania (1347–1393), queen consort and queen dowager of the Romans, Bohemia, Italy and Burgundy
        • Elisabeth of Nuremberg (1358–1411), queen consort of the Romans
        • Elizabeth of Luxembourg (1409–1442), queen consort of the Romans, Hungary, Bohemia and Croatia

        • Elisabeth Christine of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel-Bevern (1715–1797), queen consort and queen dowager of Prussia
        • Elisabeth Ludovika of Bavaria (1801–1873), queen consort of Prussia

        Great Britain

        • Elizabeth Woodville (1437–1492), queen consort, queen dowager and queen mother of England
        • Elizabeth of York (1466–1503), queen consort of England

        • Elizabeth de Burgh (1289–1327), queen consort of Scotland

        United Kingdom
        • Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother (1900–2002), queen consort, queen dowager and queen mother of the United Kingdom, born Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon


        • Elisabeth of Romania (1894–1956), queen consort of the Hellenes


        • Kaʻahumanu (c. 1768 – 1832), also known as Elizabeth Kaʻahumanu, queen consort and queen regent of Hawaiʻi
        • Kīnaʻu (c. 1805 – 1839), also known as Elizabeth Kīnaʻu, queen consort, queen regent and dowager queen of Hawaiʻi


        • Elisiv of Kiev (1025-c. 1067), also known as Elisaveta Yaroslavna, queen consort of Norway


        • Elisabeth of Wied (1843–1916), queen consort and queen dowager of Romania


        • Elisabeth Therese of Lorraine (1711–1741), queen consort of Sardinia, Cyprus, Jerusalem and Armenia


        • Elizabeth of Hungary, Queen of Serbia (1255–1313), queen consort of Serbia


        • Elizabeth of Carinthia, Queen of Sicily (1298–1352), queen consort and regent of Sicily

        Spain and Portugal

        • Elisabeth of France (1602–1644), queen consort of Spain and Portugal

        Castile and Leon
        • Elisabeth of Swabia (1203–1235), also known as Beatrice of Swabia, queen consort of Castile and León

        • Elizabeth of Aragon (1271–1336), queen consort, queen dowager and queen mother of Portugal, also known as Saint Elizabeth of Portugal

        • Elisabeth of Valois (1545–1568), queen consort of Spain
        • Elisabeth Farnese (1692–1766), queen consort, queen dowager and queen mother of Spain


        • Elizabeth III of the House of Winton, monarch of the Star Kingdom of Manticore, in David Weber's Honorverse books
        • Elizabeth X, aka "Liz 10", fictional queen of Starship UK in the Doctor Who episodes "The Beast Below" and “The Pandorica Opens”


        • HMS Queen Elizabeth, several ships of the Royal Navy
        • MS Queen Elizabeth, Cunard cruise ship launched in 2010
        • RMS Queen Elizabeth, Cunard ocean liner launched 1938, retired 1968
        • RMS Queen Elizabeth 2, Cunard ocean liner launched in 1969, retired 2008
        • Queen Elizabeth class, several classes of ships


        • "Queen Elizabeth" a nickname of one of two US presidential limousines of 1938
        • Queen Elizabeth (band), British experimental music project featuring Thighpaulsandra and Julian Cope
        • Queen Elizabeth, Saskatoon, a suburban neighborhood in the city of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
        • Les Amours de la reine Élisabeth (Queen Elizabeth), 1912 film starring Sarah Bernhardt
        • Queen Elisabeth Music Competition, international music competition named for Queen Elisabeth of Belgium
        • Elizabeth the Queen (play), a 1930 play by Maxwell Anderson
        • Queen & Elizabeth, Japanese pop duo
        • Queen Elizabeth Hotel, hotel in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, known as Le Reine Élizabeth

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