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Ranger or Rangers may refer to:


      Estate occupation

      • Park ranger or Forest ranger, a person charged with protecting and preserving protected parklands
      • National Park Service Ranger, an employee of the U.S. National Park Service
      • Ranger of Windsor Great Park, a ceremonial office of the United Kingdom

      Law enforcement

      • Arizona Rangers
      • California Rangers
      • Colorado Mounted Rangers
      • New York State Forest Rangers
      • Council ranger, a type of officer in Australia
      • Newfoundland Rangers (defunct)
      • Pakistan Rangers, a Pakistani paramilitary force
      • Texas Ranger Division



      • 1st Scout Ranger Regiment, a unit of the Philippine Army
      • Royal Ranger Regiment, a unit of the Malaysian Army
      • Sarawak Rangers a unit of the Kingdom of Sarawak
      • Thahan Phran, an elite unit of the Royal Thai Army
      • Vietnamese Rangers, a unit of the South Vietnamese Army


      Ireland (Republic of)
      • Army Ranger Wing, the elite special operations forces of the Irish Defence Forces

      • 4th Alpini Parachutist Regiment, a Ranger type infantry regiment of the Italian Army, specializing in mountain combat.

      • Special Operations Troops Centre, the counter-terrorist and unconventional warfare special forces division of the portuguese Army, nicknamed Rangers

      United Kingdom
      • Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry, a squadron of the Royal Yeomanry
      • Royal Irish Rangers, a regiment of the British Army until 1992
      • Adams' Rangers, a unit in the Revolutionary War
      • Butler's Rangers, a unit in the Revolutionary War
      • Connaught Rangers, a Regiment of the British Army, disbanded 1922
      • King's Rangers, a unit in the Revolutionary War
      • Queen's Rangers, a unit in the Revolutionary War
      • Rogers' Rangers, a unit in the French and Indian War

      North America

      • Canadian Rangers, a sub-component of the Canadian Forces reserve
        • Junior Canadian Rangers, a youth organization
      • 176th Battalion (Niagara Rangers), CEF, a WWI unit
      • The Queen's York Rangers (1st American Regiment) (RCAC), a Canadian Forces reserve regiment based in Toronto and Aurora
      • The Rocky Mountain Rangers, a Canadian Forces reserve regiment based in British Columbia

      United States
      • USS Ranger, several US Navy ships
      • United States Army Rangers, elite American infantry soldiers
        • 75th Ranger Regiment, an elite American light infantry Special Operations unit
        • United States Army Ranger School, an American Army service school that teaches small unit tactics and leadership
      • Civil Air Patrol Ranger, a volunteer of the Civil Air Patrol
      • Goodyear Ranger, a commercial blimp purchased by the U.S. Navy in World War II for use as a training airship
      • Georgia Regiment of Horse Rangers, a Continental Army unit in the Revolutionary War
      • Indiana Rangers, a 19th-century mounted militia force
      • Knowlton's Rangers, the U.S.'s first espionage organization
      • Loudoun Rangers, a Union Army unit in the Civil War
      • McNeill's Rangers, a Confederate Army unit in the Civil War
      • Oregon Rangers, a 19th-century militia
      • Roger's Rangers, the predecessor to the U.S. Army Rangers (no direct line of connection was ever found but the current U.S. Army Rangers have founded themselves on this belief), founded by British Major Robert Rogers during the Revolutionary War
      • Terry's Texas Rangers, a Confederate Army unit in the Civil War
      • Whitcomb's Rangers, a Continental Army unit in the Revolutionary War


      Association football

      For name of several football clubs, see Rangers F.C. (disambiguation).


      • Arizona League Rangers, a minor league team in Surprise, Arizona
      • Dallas Rangers, a minor league team in Dallas, Texas
      • Dominican Summer League Rangers, a minor league team in the Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
      • Drew Rangers baseball, the team of Drew University in Madison, NJ
      • Gastonia Rangers, a minor league team in Gastonia, North Carolina
      • Texas Rangers (baseball), a major league team in Arlington, Texas
      • Toowoomba Rangers, a club in Toowoomba, Queensland

      Gaelic football

      • Argideen Rangers, a club in Timoleague
      • Brickey Rangers GAA, a club outside Dungarvan
      • Carbery Rangers, a club in Rosscarbery
      • Crossmaglen Rangers GAC, a club in Armagh
      • Laune Rangers, a club in Killorglin
      • Nemo Rangers GAA, a club in Cork

      Ice hockey

      • Binghamton Rangers, an American Hockey League team in Binghamton, New York
      • Colorado Rangers, a 1987-1988 International Hockey League team in Denver, Colorado
      • Denver Rangers, a 1988-1989 International Hockey League team in Denver, Colorado
      • Drummondville Rangers, a junior team in Drummondville, Quebec
      • Earls Court Rangers, an English National League team in West London, England
      • Fort Worth Rangers, played 1941-42 in the AHA, and 1945-49 in the USHL
      • Glanbrook Rangers, a Niagara & District Junior C Hockey League team in Glanbrook, Ontario
      • Kitchener Rangers, an Ontario Hockey League team in Kitchener, Ontario
      • New York Rangers, a National Hockey League team in New York, New York
      • North York Rangers, a Metro Junior A Hockey League team in North York, Ontario
      • South Grenville Rangers, an Eastern Ontario Junior B Hockey League team in South Grenville, Ontario
      • Toronto Young Rangers, an Ontario Hockey Association team in Toronto
      • Winnipeg Rangers (disambiguation), multiple teams

      Other sports

      • Broughton Rangers, a British rugby league team
      • Bruin Rangers, an American collegiate women's rugby team
      • Dandenong Rangers, an Australian women's basketball team
      • New Cross Rangers, a British speedway team
      • Waitakere Rangers, a New Zealand rugby team


      • Ranger, Georgia
      • Ranger, Texas
      • Ranger, West Virginia
      • Ranger Lake, Ohio
      • Ranger Peak, Wyoming

      Land vehicles

      • Ranger (automobile), a 1968-1976 GM car model
      • Ranger (South African car), a GM vehicle sold in the 1970s
      • Cadillac Gage Ranger, an armored truck
      • Edsel Ranger, a 1958-1960 American sedan
      • Ford Ranger, an American pick-up truck
      • Hino Ranger, a Japanese cab-over truck
      • Ranger, a series of off-road vehicles by Polaris Industries

      Water vessels

      • Ranger (yacht)
      • HMS Ranger, the name of several Royal Navy ships
      • USS Ranger, the name of several U.S. Navy ships
      • USC&GS Ranger, an American survey ship
      • Ranger class tanker, a series of Royal Fleet Auxiliary ships
      • Ranger Boats, a line of fishing boats
      • Ranger 29, a sailboat


      • Ranger program, a series of American unmanned Lunar space missions
      • Ranger/Fairchild Engines, an aircraft engine company
      • Parker 2nd Ranger, motorglider
      • RUAG Ranger, a Swiss unmanned air vehicle

      Fiction and games

      • Ranger's Apprentice (series by John Flanagan)
      • Ranger (magazine)
      • Rangers (comics), a Marvel Comics superhero team
      • Ranger (Babylon 5)
      • Ranger (Middle-earth)
      • Ranger: Simulation of Modern Patrolling Operations, a board game
      • Ranger (character class), a class that appears in many different role-playing games
        • Ranger (Dungeons & Dragons), the character class as it appears specifically in the game of D&D
      • Ranger (Transformers)
      • Royal Wessex Rangers, a fictional military unit portrayed in Spearhead (TV series)
      • New California Rangers, a fictional military unit of the New California Republic in the Fallout series of games
      • The Rangers, one of two bitterly antagonistic global powers sharing the Earth in the dystopian future of Poul Anderson's The Corridors of Time.
      • Power Rangers a fictional superhero team.


      • Ranger (Girl Guide)
      • Ranger Award, a Boy Scouts of America award
      • Boy Rangers of America, a scouting program

      Other uses

      • Ranger (surname), people with the surname Ranger
      • Rangers (band), a Czech folk pop band
      • Ranger (ride)
      • Colorado Ranger, a horse breed
      • Royal Rangers, a Christian youth movement
      • Ranger College, Texas
      • Ranger Uranium Mine, Northern Territory, Australia
      • Black Rock Ranger, a volunteer mediator at Burning Man
      • The Ranger$, a hip hop group signed by Nick Cannon
      • As-Saaffat, "The Rangers", 37th sura of the Qur'an

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